Communication issue with HL6528RD


Hello, my issue is the following : even when I install GenericDriverSetup.exe on my computer, I cannot communicate with my HL module. Neithier the console usb port nor the cf3 usb port respond when i send messages using tera term.
Moreover, only the console USB port is recognized by the computer, and as a usual com port (no mention to sierra device as showned in figure 4-1 of mangOH Red User Guide r2).
The only thing that tells me the device is well-wired is the power led which is on.

I’ve tried on two different PCs (one on windows 8, the other on windows 10).

Does anyone has an idea to help me getting started ?


Hello ThibaultA

Were you able to resolve your issue? I’m facing the exact same thing.
I’m assuming the module is not booting correctly or missing some configurations.

It’s normal you see the console port as this is a seperate chip on Mangoh Red and is not linked to the plugged module.