Commercial availability - DigiKey has no stock


Digikey shipped the first set of back ordered mangOH Red units today.


Cant seem to get hold of mangoH RED in Europe. Digikey wont ship with DDU (Delivery Duty Paid) and have no warehouse in Europe so to avoid paid customs clearance fees. Any one know of a source in EU to buy Mangoh RED dev board?


Got my MangOH! I wasn’t expecting an IOT breakout board, that thing is super helpful.


Do let us know about the overall experience? Would love to know what users think about it and how we can improve the experience further.



Hi I’m looking for the following modules and I dont see them listed at digikey
WP7609 WP7700 WP7702

could you let me know via email where I can acquire them or where you plan to sell them?
(the global versions )

many thanks sorry for replying here


John Jones


Hi John,
Best would be to open a new post as this question is not in the right place.
I will reply there and put you in touch with the right people.