Commercial availability - DigiKey has no stock

Could you please clarify when the commercial units will be in stock at DigiKey? They were supposed to receive a first batch on June 20th but they still list a stock of 0 units. I’m looking for a couple of units for a test project but I can’t find any other retailers carrying them.

Launch is July last week and not June

Well, there’s a Buy link on the site pointing to Digikey for the kits and the Digikey site says “6/20/2017 - Delivery Date Past Due - Contact Digi-Key” for all models. That’s where I got the June 20th date from.


When can we expect the shipments to begin for the boards?

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End of July. All parts are being ordered right now for the build and should be at Digikey around 20th July.

Thank you for the clarification.

Is there any update on this date? Will they still be in stock around the 20th of July?

Digikey now shows August 24th, 2017 as the availability date (more than 1 month from now). I guess it’s been delayed??

yes, there has been a delay as the order quantities were increased for the first batch. Information for availability was presented in the mangoh webinar

August 24th was yesterday, Digikey now shows it as past-due again, no new estimated date.


Link giving No result…

Any update, team MangOH? I’ve ordered a handful and am dieing to get them :slight_smile:

Ok, we have built a small batch with final hardware today at the factory. As everything passes the test in the factory, we have now given the green light to go ahead with the production.

We will be shipping the first batch to Digikey within the next 2 weeks.

Hey Asyal, Am I able to buy one off you from the small batch? :grin: I’m really hoping to get one sooner than 2-3 weeks.


Thats good to know.
Also, as FYI, we should be able to get FCC/CE/IC by mid October on this platform.

Does anyone believe we need more markets covered? Please let us know and we can look at it.

Are you going to be RoHS compliant? I’ll be selling my product into NA / Europe / Australia, but focusing on NA out of the gate.

PS: if those boards are currently in Vancouver - I’m in Victoria and would even drive/ferry out there to get my hands on one. I’m wanting to use the CF3 chips for my product and really want to try them out on the MangOH red.

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It’s been 12 days since your post, could you please confirm if the units have shipped to DigiKey (2 days left out of the 2 weeks you’ve mentioned)?

Digikey will have stock early next week and units shipped to customers who preordered after that.


Here are the photos from the factory. First batch of units were sent to Digikey today.

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