CO2 Sensor Existence

I couldn’t find evidence of an onboard CO2 sensor. What is an expedient
way to add from external supplier or from MangOH. And (Newbie Me) is
there an external connector for such addons.

I ordered the soldered CF3 board from DigiKey. Should/Could I have ordered the
unsoldered version w/CF3 w/CO2 sensor?


Hi @pkmorrison,

There’s a CO2 sensor on all mangOH Yellow.
I would recommend you to follow the getting started with mangOH Yellow to the end.

Then, in Octave, go to the Resources menu, you’ll find it.
Also, there’s a simple Octave app you can try using the CO2 sensor here.


Thanks, I had not seen references to CO2 sensor in the overview material
and did not find it in the BOM or schematic.

Hi @pkmorrison
The CO2 sensor it’s included in the envaroment BME680 Bosch sensor.
Here you can find a Datasheet


BME680 doesn’t include CO2 sensor but it can provide an estimation the CO2 level (derived from the average correlation between VOCs and CO2 in human’s exhaled breath).