Cli dhub command

Not quite sure where to put this but:

I have discovered the “/legato/systems/current/bin/dhub” command. This seems very
useful to me to get and set values and see the result directly.

However, I do not understand this syntax:

Would someone show me how to get “app/battery/value” for example.

dhub list /

That will list all resources under the root path.

Hi @pkmorrison,

While dhub list lists any resource (or hierarchy of resources) of the datahub, dhub get is used on Objects only (not resources like input values).

For instance, on my mangOH Yellow (0.5.0 with Octave) I have an observation named co_2 :

root@swi-mdm9x28-wp:~# dhub list /obs/co_2
co_2 <observation> = 
      data type = trigger
      receiving data from '/app/environment/value'
      JSON extraction: co2EquivalentValue
      minPeriod: 60.000000
      lowLimit: 600.000000
      highLimit: not set
      changeBy: not set
      transform: none (0)
      bufferSize: 0 entries
      backupPeriod: 0 seconds (= 0.000000 minutes) (= 0.000000 hours)

root@swi-mdm9x28-wp:~# dhub get source /obs/co_2

The last command dhub get source returned the source of my observation, which is the resource /app/environment/value

Then I can use dhub read /obs/co_2 to obtain values for my observation.

Hope it helps