Change MangOH yellow from Octave to Legato

mangOH Yellow Latest Software Images revision: 0.5.0 is ready for Octave and for Legato.

Can I switch a Octave MangOH board to Legato just updating the right firmware ?

Octave MangOH Yellow comes with Octave subscription. How can I disable it when using Legato and we need to add MangOH Yellow in our Airvantage account?

Hi Isabel,

Your mangOH Yellow/WP7702 comes with a Sierra Wireless Octave free trial that includes 3 months connectivity (using the eSIM inside the module). If you want to stop the Octave trial on this unit, you can either:

  1. “Octave offer --> Ready-to-Connect offer”: continue to use the eSIM inside the module with mangOH free trial offer (100MB for free) without Octave, or
  2. “Octave offer --> no connectivity offer”: use an external SIM with your own connectivity (either Sierra SIM or any other SIM).

Depending on the option you choose, your mangOH system may be moved to a different company in AirVantage:

  1. “Octave offer --> Ready-to-Connect offer”: your mangOH AirVantage system must reside in your mangOH trial company (created with Before you can claim it there, we have to move your mangOH system in AirVantage from Octave to the right AirVantage company.
  2. “Octave offer --> no connectivity offer”: we can move your mangOH system in AirVantage without its connectivity to any company you’re owning in AirVantage. In that case, you won’t be able to use the eSIM inside your module, unless your AirVantage company has a “Ready-to-Connect” offer already.

You can Private Message me with your choice (1 or 2) and your EMEI so that we can move your mangOH system in AirVantage accordingly.


Hi thibs,

My Octave trial might be finished.
How can I proceed to cotinue using my yellow ? I am developing an app where it must connect directly to my server (no need Octave anymore).
Thank you.