CellnetService API help needed


I need a bit of help with this ( I’m not an expert) . I want to know if i made the connection between my application and the service correctly.
I made the changes on the .adef file (the bindings: clientExe.clientComponent.le_cellnet ->cellNetService.le_cellnet ) and on the .cdef (the require of le_cellnet.api) .

After that i just made a call to the le_cellnet_ConnectService (void). Is this all? the code runs without any error but i can’t see any message on the log saying that the app is now connected to the network (or that it isn’t). Any example on how to do it or an advice would be great.


Hi Brookz,

If you are looking for sample code , please look here:

as well as here:


Thanks for your help Ashish,

i’ve been trying to use some of the examples for my app. But i need to install a library that the mangOH does not have preinstalled (curl). How am i supposed to do it?


Can you check this link, same question was asked here: