CC2530 ZigBee IoT card



I’ve seen references to the possibility of a CC2530 IoT connector for mangOH mentioned on various websites.

I was wondering if anyone knows of when a release/example of this can be expected?

The reason I ask is that I’m interested in porting a similar TI ZigBee Network Processor over from an existing design to the mangOH/Legato platform and would like some ideas on how best to implement this.

Some questions for those who are more knowledgeable in this area and who might be able to assist:

  1. Would a valid approach be to use znp-host-framework ( and write a Legato app for it?

  2. Is it better to just use the mangOH SPI interface and implement my own driver for the ZNP? Low power is a high priority for this application.

  3. Is there a ZigBee driver planned for the mangOH platform?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



There have been mention for this but there were not many takes for this card and is not supported as of now.
Please note that Talon Communication is planning to launch a zigbee/thread module by early Q1 with early samples for key customers:
The driver support will also be available by the time this module is launched.


Thanks Ashish,

The Talon Communication module looks good.I’ll keep it in mind for a future design/upgrade path.

Unfortunately for me that module uses ZigBee SE 2.0, which is incompatible with the older devices I’m working with.
I’ll continue to explore my own approach.



Dear all,
For what it’s worth, please also note that Farnell does commercialize a BT/Wifi board based on the TI WL18SBMOD chip.
It is here (currently out of stock):
Although its PCB is marked as “WiFi_BT_Zigbee” and has solder points marked as “ZB_ANT” (Zigbee antenna) and for a Zigbee activity LED, I don’t think that it does support ZigBee.