Can't mount SD card on mangOH yellow+wp7607

Hi Sir,

Currently I’m trying to test sd card on the yellow (Kingston 4G HC4), and I can see mmc0 information in dmesg as below

but some problems have been occurred when I try to mount SD card, I would like to ask whether there are any steps that need to perform? (need to format or start something?)

What is the format of the sd card? ext? FAT?

Hi iyijyi,
I used FAT format.

Does your sd card work on windows pc or linux pc?

yes, it is work on my PC(both linux and win10).

What happen when you type fdisk in linux pc?

I have tried to format to fat16 and fat32 via linux on my PC , but they cannot be mount on mangoh.


The warning seems to be normal.

What is the error message when you mount the card?

mkdir -p /tmp/sdcard
/bin/mount -t auto -o sync /dev/mmcblk0p1 "/tmp/sdcard"

Also what is the return of this one?

cat /sys/kernel/debug/mmc0/ios

Hi jyijyi,
It’s very thanks for your support, I can mount the SD on my mangOH now .
But I still have a problem that system will hang after I execute the fdisk -ul command.

Do you have the same problem?

Do you find problem to fdisk in Ubuntu PC?

BTW, does this help?

fdisk -l /dev/mmc*

it is work , thanks!