Can't find dependent .api file: 'le_sim.api'


Hi. I’m trying to add the api for le_cellnet. I added in the .adef file: positionlog.PositionLogComponent.le_cellnet -> cellNetService.le_cellnet and in the cdef file: le_cellnet.api. Once i did this and tried to build, i got error that it couldn’t find le_sim.api.

Fair enough, so i tried to add that api in aswell as this:
positionlog.PositionLogComponent.le_sim -> modemService.le_sim and modemServices/le_sim.api.
When trying to build this now I still get that it cant find le_sim.api

Im using legato version 17.10.0

Anyone know the answer to this?


Also if i add le_data.api, i get "Can’t find dependent .api file: le_mdc.api" (le_mdc.api worked before i added le_data.api)


Pass --interface-search $LEGATO_ROOT/interfaces/modemServices to either mksys or mkapp and it will know how to find le_sim.api. Alternatively, if you are building using mksys, you can add a section like this to your SDEF: