Can't find any yellow mangOH in stock to buy

Does anybody have issues when purchasing a yello mangOH Basic card? did you have any issues with the backorder?

Or do you have a vendor that may have some in stock? as the ones I have checked, the lead time is more than 2months.

All other models of mangOH Yellow were due to ship about a month ago then the factory was shut down due to Covid. They are carefully coming back to work and we anticipate shipping in 2-4 weeks.

Hey thanks a lot, I was really losing hope on Sierra.

Hey Scott,

I’m not sure of your connection with Sierra Wireless, but would you happen to have an status on the mangOH Yellow cards availability? I can’t find any way of contacting them. I’m buying through Digi-Key, and they don’t know either.



Hi Alex, the BASIC models are shipping next week followed by all other the week after that. I hope this helps.


Hi all,

Richardson RFPD has available stock. See link below:

Hope that it helps!