Can't Connect to AirVantage


My Mangoh red says its online when I do at!gstatus? but there’s no data from the sensors being printed on the graphs. It was recommended to me to upload an app file to the website to allow the widgets to work but I can’t figure out how to do this.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

what does cm data show?

index 1
PDP type: IPV4
connected: no

your SIM is not connected to the network. So you dont see any data.
can you try
cm data connect

What do you see?

it says it can’t remove ’ /etc/resolv.conf ’ because device or resource busy

when i do cm data after that, it says i am connected.
after i then reboot the device and connect to it again, cm data shows it is not connected

how come yesterday you can send data but now there is such problem?

Not sure, i just ran redsensortocloud again and it just communicated data, however, like last night the data doesnt make any sense and the graphs arent printing

no idea what you have done as it is working fine in the timeline yesterday…

cm data now shows it is connected.
How do i get the graphs and visuals as noted in the manual to present the data?

you need to import an appmodel file

where do i get the file from, and to import, do i just upload as you noted earlier today via the develop page?

I tried it again, the command still fails.

which command are you talking about?

the widget for getting the CARD DETECT LED to blink

I think you need to get other widget (like temperature, brightness, etc) to work first