Can you schedule jobs?


Is there a way to schedule jobs on a mangOH Green WP8548 module? Can it be done on Airvantage? Is crontab supported?

Thank you in advance.

Crontab = is a file that contains the schedule of cron entries to be ran at specific times.


There’s no cron implementation on the target. I think it should be possible to build one as part of a yocto build, but I haven’t done that myself. Perhaps someone else can provide some advice on how to do that.


Another option would be to have your own app that launches jobs, using a timer. The timers are nice and energy efficient, as your app will go completely asleep while it is awaiting events.


the internal linux build appears as busybox? correct, is there not a cron in the busybox build you can use?


It has been quite a while since I looked at this, but from what I remember, the Linux distribution provided for the WP85 didn’t have cron support built-in. I believe it should be possible to tweak the yocto build to add cron support, but I haven’t tried doing it.