Can WP7702 (mangOH yellow) support ROS

My customer is studying WP7702 with MangOH yellow now.
Then, customer is asking 2 question, please advise them.

Q1. Do any SWI customer use ROS (Robot Operating System) with WP7702?
Customer would like to confirm the success record for ROS with WP7702.

Q2. If Q1 answer is yes, which do these customer use ROS function, with MangOH yellow or with their board?

Could you please update our question.

Here shows ROS is installed in ubuntu18

Are you asking if ubuntu 18 can use wp77 for network establishment?

If so, you can use the MBPL SDK:

Thanks for your response.
My customer would like to add ROS in Application Core for Cortex A7 32-bit RISC of WP7702. This meaning is that customer will use ROS with Legato.

Do SWI know whether other customer already added ROS with Legato?

I don’t quite see anyone is using ROS with legato…

Have you tried this?