Can I use HL8xxx instead of WP8xxxx module?


I would like to use HL8548 but I am not sure if I can use it as the main module ? or do you recommend the WP8548 ?


mangOH supports both HL and WP modules.
Please chose the module that fits your use cases.
Can you tell me more about your use case? You can send a private message to me via this forum if you don’t want to disclose information.


Using an HLxxxx module on mangoh green?

We are working on a prototype for car telematic system (GPS tracking system). The device will have to send additional information beside the speed ( Other sensors to be connected via UART to the Sierra Module). The frequency of sending the data is around 1 update per minutes. The device will support as well remote application update via 3G or GPRS. What module do you recommend ?


Hi Yasin,

It definitely seems like you should use WP8548 as the end device is not only sending data (modem) but also doing remote processing (data gathering and some local analysis). WP8548 has a built in application processor along with the modem in the same module.

Do you plan to use CAN bus to get the car related info?



We are using OBD based on the requirement specification by our team.


Hello Yassin,

We are also developing an application based around MangOH, aside from the Canbus we are also making use of the Wifi. Both of their add on cards should be available some time (hopefully) soon


What chip will you use for the CAN BUS communication ?


Hello Yassin,

Well, we are basically planning to follow the Mangoh developer folks in their selection for the Canbus add on board. The Mangoh web page says that the card will be based on J1139, there is also a note for MCP2515 from Microchip

Did you start laying out your own boards? Ashish has told us that Altium design files will be available but there is no certain timeframe yet


We started already the design based on documents available on the web site. I was wondering thought does J1139 exists anyway ? I thought the ISO name is J1939 ?!


Well, I basically thought that it had got something to do with the MCP2515 and didn’t give it a deeper thought.

Between, I think you can ask Ashish about the Altium design files as it would be of great help hastening your hardware development


We are working through the details on the Altium conversion with our partners. I am hoping that the files will be available by end of summer (July end) at the latest.

For the CAN bus, we are using MCP2515 CAN controller with MCP 2561 transceiver.
For the driver, our long term goal is to provide it as a loadable kernel module but in the short term we will provide the steps to build it using Yocto.
We will provide SocketCan functionality (

BTW, J1139 is a typo and will fix it.

We have released a small set of CAN IoT connectors for production, we should be able to have them available for purchase by end of June.



Hey Ashish,

Thanks for the update.


Hello Ashish,

Thanks for the update. One thing came to my mind, for the Wifi Module this may be complicated but for the CAN bus module, I think I can also manufacture it myself so that I don’t have to wait till the end of June. I wasn’t able to find the design files for the module. Can you please tell me where to find it?

thanks a lot


Hi Rifo,

Ok, we will post all gerbers, schematics(in pdf) by end of next week for the following IoT modules:
a. CAN bus
b. WiFi/BT
c. 2 port USB Hub
We will be designing, testing, and releasing more of such modules as we go forward as well.
Note documentation like Product Specs etc. for the above will be released at a later date.


great! that would be very nice.
Between, if it’s possible, it would be nice to send the PCB design files themselves too. This way, people can do minor additions if needed.

thanks a lot


Hello Ashish,

Were you able to post the schematics and gerbers for the IoT modules?
Also what do you think about the idea of distributing the PCB design files of these modules too?

Thanks a lot


Hi Rifo, end of this week at the latest.
Note we are already working on converting mangoh green to allegro and orcas cis. Will be a while before we convert any IoT module to the allegro or orcas cis.


hello Ashish,

Thanks a lot for your help and efforts.

have a nice day


Hello All,
I am too working on the similar project that is vehicle telematic system (using CAN bus, GPRS, GPS, WiFI and Bluetooth). In the Mangoh board developer document i have find out that AR865X / AR755X modules are also support Legato but there is no details available anywhere on the same. If i am not wrong these are automotive grade module and I am looking for more information on this module. It ll be great if someone can share some details here.


Hi Nila,
mangOH platform doesnt use the AR86/AR75 module.