Camera choice to take picture


Hi there,

I m currently working on a PoC using the mangOH Red with wp7702 Sierra module.
I intend to use a camera to take picture, not to stream video.
Questions :

  • Have you already supported camera ? If yes, which one ?
  • Can I simply use an USB webcam ?



Hi @pierr0t,

I haven’t personally used a camera with mangOH, but I know that @nick from has built some code to control a camera. It should be possible to use a USB webcam as well, but you might have to build a bunch of extra packages in yocto such as gstreamer or ffmpeg.


Hey @pierr0t and @dfrey,

Thanks for taking an interest in our camera driver! This setup has worked very well for us in the field. I think my latest push to the repo may have broken something (missing submodule) so I’ll be sure to fix it later today. In the meantime you may be better off downloading version 1.0.3.

Hope this is useful, please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.


Hi @nick and @dfrey,

I ve ordered one.
Thanks to your quick reply. I have two more questions:

  • do you plug it on Raspberry Pi Connector ?
  • can you provide a schematic ?



Hey @pierr0t,

The camera uses 4 pins in total: Rx, Tx, 5V+, and ground. You must supply your own 5V power (potentially from one of the pins on the board), and then use one of the two UARTs on the mangOH. I believe one of them is on the Raspberry Pi connector, and the other is on the slotted connector (I believe we used the slotted connector when we still used mangOH red boards but both should work). Best to consult with the mangOH Red manual for the exact pinout.

I don’t have a schematic handy since we use custom boards instead of the mangOH red these days but hopefully thats enough detail to get you started.