Building errors with mangoh yellow

I am having this issue. Could somebody help me to solve this?

To complete the installation, I enabled the OCTAVE by putting OCTAVE == 0. Otherwise, it could not work. And now I tried to set to 1 (see previously in forum: Make yellow error). Should I leave it to 0 or 1?


didn’t you can build it before?

You need to install the toolchain and go to the legato framework and set up the environment first:


  1. sh
    Toolchain will be installed in /opt/swi/

cd legato-19.02.0/
. bin/configlegatoenv

Yes I built it before but did not pay attention to the errors. I am using leaf so I do not have a folder for legato. See what I have when doing a research

then how did you build it last time?

Oh you mean go back to OCTAVE==1 by modifying the code the same way I did? Octave == 1 is only if I want to connect to OCTAVE platform right?

no, in the previous post, you can build it without building the OCTAVE.

I manage to install leaf environment by putting OCTAVE == 0 but after it never achieved to build without error.

in the previous post, you can set up the toolchain path:


Maybe you need to go to the legato framework and type:
. bin/configlegatoenv
make wp77xx

Ok I will try but I noticed that I don’t have arm-poky-linux-gnueabi in the path you give

that path is coming out from your previous post!!!

Oh yes you right! Correction: I don’t have anymore the arm-poky-linux-gnueabi… It means that I need to reinstall? I am confused whether or not I have to follow this process to install toolchain. I thought that using leaf allows to avoid all these steps…

I think you need to redownload the package

Ok I reinstalled and it works! with the make yellow_wp77xx without error.