Building Custome Yocto Image for WP8548


I want customize Yocto Image that supports QT(cute). How I can achieve this?


Hello you can try to add layer meta-QT5 in Yocto and try to build the bsp.

After you need to build the cross tool chain to compile QT5 application.

I use QT5 with imx6 (base on Yocto 2.4) but mainly for HMI application.


Thank you @Francis.duhaut
I will try.

After you need to build the cross tool chain to compile QT5 application.
I am also using QT5 with iMX 6, so I am using gcc-linaro cross toolchain for QT will it work with this?


you can build the toolchain with yocto for QT :

bitbake meta-toolchain


ok. I will try.

Thank you @Francis.duhaut


I am getting this error.
I have added new meta-qt5 layer in OE directory & enable the layer in

hitesh@DND087:~/Downloads/yocto$ make image_bin
“meta-swi/” -p poky/ -o meta-openembedded/ -l meta-swi -x “kernel/.git” -j 9 -t 9 -M -a “MANGOH_WIFI_REPO=”/home/hitesh/Downloads/yocto/mangOH/WiFi"" -m swi-mdm9x15 -a KBRANCH_DEFAULT_MDM9X15=standard/swi-mdm9x15-yocto-wpx5xx -a KMETA_DEFAULT_MDM9X15=meta-yocto-1.7-ref -b build_bin -q
Poky dir: /home/hitesh/Downloads/yocto/poky
OE meta: /home/hitesh/Downloads/yocto/meta-openembedded
SWI meta dir: /home/hitesh/Downloads/yocto/meta-swi
Linux repo dir: /home/hitesh/Downloads/yocto/kernel/.git
Number of make threads 9
Number of bitbake tasks 9
With mangOH
Extra options added - MANGOH_WIFI_REPO=/home/hitesh/Downloads/yocto/mangOH/WiFi
SWI machine: swi-mdm9x15
Extra options added - KBRANCH_DEFAULT_MDM9X15=standard/swi-mdm9x15-yocto-wpx5xx
Extra options added - KMETA_DEFAULT_MDM9X15=meta-yocto-1.7-ref
Build dir: /home/hitesh/Downloads/yocto/build_bin
Enable Qualcomm Proprietary bin

Shell environment set up for builds.

You can now run 'bitbake ’

Common targets are:

You can also run generated qemu images with a command like ‘runqemu qemux86’
Error: bash is not set as default provider for /bin/sh
build is not guaranteed to work, aborting
Makefile:250: recipe for target ‘image_bin’ failed
make: *** [image_bin] Error 1



please can you provide proper steps to rebuild image with qt5. I have downloaded source code from here-


This post may be of some help.


thank you @shib
Nothing is there related to my question.
I need proper guide to rebuild with qt5 and legato application support.


It was related to the error in your previous post.

If that isn’t an issue anymore, what are you currently stuck on?


I am currently stuck on this


Did you install the correct tool chain ??
32 bits or 64 bits (depend of your Linux system).

The link is on the Sierra website (same page that you download the source code).


I have downloaded 64 bit toolchain but I didn’t install yet. Do I need to install on my system?


It sounds like you are using the wrong version of the qt5 layer.
Make sure the qt5 layer version is compatible with that version of yocto.


thank you @shib
Please can you provide me correct version of qt5 meta.


I haven’t done anything with qt5 in embedded linux, but from what I can see…
yocto 2.2 is called Morty.
So I went to the qt5 layer github to the Morty branch.


I have downloaded from here -

one thing I wanted to confirm that after I downloaded meta-qt5, I added following line in

Enable the meta-qt5 layer

enable_layer “meta-qt5” “$OE/meta-qt5”

and put meta-qt5 folder inside meta-openembedded


Yes you need it. The tool chain will be installed in /opt/


Thank you @Francis.duhaut
Finally my building stage is started but please can you tell me why do I need this toolchain ?
and one more doubt after completion of building, Do I need qt5 toolchain?
If I need then how to compile for qt5 toolchain with legato application compatibility.


Toolchain is use to build legato.
Legato need to be build separately