Building custom Yocto image on WP8548


I need to add to Yocto image some additional layers such as meta-mono and meta-nodejs and flash it on WP8548 device, I did carefully read all te instructions mentioned on, but I still can’t get working device with working system. These are my steps:

1 Download and extract sources from

2 Clone meta-mono and meta-nodejs to meta-openembedded dir

3 I have tried to find file meta-swi-extras/meta-swi-bin/recipes/images/ mentioned in instructions, and I didn’t find it, so I’ve edited script an added these lines:

Enable the meta-mono layer

enable_layer “meta-mono” “$OE/meta-mono”

Enable the meta-nodejs layer

enable_layer “meta-nodejs” “$OE/meta-nodejs”

4 make image

5 After build I’ve got these files in my …/yocto/build_bin/tmp/deploy/images/swi-mdm9x15 dir:

  • appsboot.mbn
  • appsboot.raw
  • boot-yocto-mdm9x15-20161223193117.2k.img
  • boot-yocto-mdm9x15-20161223193117.2k.initramfs.img
  • boot-yocto-mdm9x15-20161223193117.4k.img
  • boot-yocto-mdm9x15-20161223193117.4k.initramfs.img
  • boot-yocto-mdm9x15.2k.img
  • boot-yocto-mdm9x15.2k.initramfs.img
  • boot-yocto-mdm9x15.4k.img
  • boot-yocto-mdm9x15.4k.initramfs.img
  • boot-yocto-mdm9x15.img
  • kernel
  • mdm9x15-image-dev-swi-mdm9x15-20161223193117.rootfs.4k.yaffs2
  • mdm9x15-image-dev-swi-mdm9x15-20161223193117.rootfs.manifest
  • mdm9x15-image-dev-swi-mdm9x15-20161223193117.rootfs.squashfs
  • mdm9x15-image-dev-swi-mdm9x15-20161223193117.rootfs.tar.bz2
  • mdm9x15-image-dev-swi-mdm9x15-20161223193117.rootfs.version
  • mdm9x15-image-dev-swi-mdm9x15-20161223193117.rootfs.yaffs2
  • mdm9x15-image-dev-swi-mdm9x15.2k.default
  • mdm9x15-image-dev-swi-mdm9x15.4k.default
  • mdm9x15-image-dev-swi-mdm9x15.4k.yaffs2
  • mdm9x15-image-dev-swi-mdm9x15.manifest
  • mdm9x15-image-dev-swi-mdm9x15.squashfs
  • mdm9x15-image-dev-swi-mdm9x15.tar.bz2
  • mdm9x15-image-dev-swi-mdm9x15.version
  • mdm9x15-image-initramfs-swi-mdm9x15-20161223193117.rootfs.cpio.gz
  • mdm9x15-image-initramfs-swi-mdm9x15-20161223193117.rootfs.manifest
  • mdm9x15-image-initramfs-swi-mdm9x15-20161223193117.rootfs.tar.bz2
  • mdm9x15-image-initramfs-swi-mdm9x15.cpio.gz
  • mdm9x15-image-initramfs-swi-mdm9x15.manifest
  • mdm9x15-image-initramfs-swi-mdm9x15.tar.bz2
  • modules–3.14.29+git0+a00e464379_b0ce579abb-r0.1-swi-mdm9x15-20161223193117.tgz
  • modules-swi-mdm9x15.tgz
  • rootfs
  • zImage
  • zImage–3.14.29+git0+a00e464379_b0ce579abb-r0.1-qcom-msm9615-20161223193117.dtb
  • zImage–3.14.29+git0+a00e464379_b0ce579abb-r0.1-swi-mdm9x15-20161223193117.bin
  • zImage-initramfs-3.14.29+gitAUTOINC+a00e464379_b0ce579abb-r0.1-swi-mdm9x15-20161223193117.bin
  • zImage-initramfs-swi-mdm9x15.bin
  • zImage-qcom-msm9615.dtb
  • zImage-swi-mdm9x15.bin

I’ve noticed that rootfs is actually the broken link, and there is no any *.ubi file, so I assumed the rootfs file is mdm9x15-image-dev-swi-mdm9x15.squashfs, its size is 166,6 MB

6 Change size of SYSTEM partition using command
AT!APPPARTCHG=896,128,20096,384,171048,384,36888,2560,20288,1152 to fit my rootfs.

7 Erase old images flash new ones using fastboot

8 After successful flashing I’ve got this core log:
Android Bootloader - UART_DM Initialized!!!
[10] ERROR: No misc partition found
[10] ERROR: Invalid boot image pagesize. Device pagesize: 2048, Image pagesize: 4096
[20] ERROR: Could not do normal boot. Reverting to fastboot mode.
[60] udc_start()

What am I doing wrong? Please help.


If you look in <yocto_folder>/build_bin//tmp/deploy/images/swi-mdm9x15/ you will see that some of the files have 2k in the filename and others have 4k in the filename. It seems that you have put the 4k files onto your device, but it wants 2k files.