Building "can utils" in mangOH yellow

While trying to build yocto in ubuntu 20.04 it is showing that it is not compatible giving many warnings and an error. Should I maybe use ubuntu 16.04 to build it? @pankaj


Can you try to use Ubuntu 16.04? Ubuntu 20.04 is not supported currently.


Pankaj Sant


I’m not able to change the build configuration. I have tried so many things. The build configuration are as follows when I’m using the “bitbake linux-yocto -c kernel_configme -f” in the build_bin directory.

Build Configuration:
BB_VERSION = “1.38.0”
BUILD_SYS = “x86_64-linux”
TARGET_SYS = “i586-poky-linux”
MACHINE = “qemux86”
DISTRO = “poky”
TUNE_FEATURES = “m32 i586”

Could you please tell me what should I do to change this config.
And could you tell me if any Drivers should be enabled for for this CAN bus module.
Talon mangOH CAN Bus Module Brief 2016.pdf (300.9 KB)

@saisupreethyk ,

if you are using wp76 you do not need to build the linux src.