Building bme680 kernel driver issue


Dear All,

Anybody has built the new BM680 kernel driver for wp85 platform?

I see something like this in logs:
“No implicit rule found for ‘/opt/swi/y17-ext/sysroots/armv7a-vfp-neon-poky-linux-gnueabi/usr/src/kernel/scripts/recordmcount.c’.”

Do i miss some basic steps? The other kernel modules are building.

Did you test with WP76xx?



Tom the BMP680 is only available for the MangOH yellow - there is a kernel update required to use this driver as well on the yellow for the wp76xx



Hello David,

Thanks for the answer.
I don’t know much about Mangoh Yellow, and as the release is far away i don’t know if it practically interesting right now. Do you have any plans to introduce support for Mangoh Red as well?

Thanks for the answer in advance,


@tomalex in a few weeks, we will release the driver online. So you will be able to do the integration.


@asyal Thanks for the answer, I ended up communicating with the sensor from user space. Sofar no problem at all, working nicely.



Is the driver for the BME680 available for the Red and WP7702 combo? We would like to add the sensor to one of our designs which uses the Red and WP7702. What about the other sensors on the Yellow, are these already supported or going to be supported as well ?


We started work on a BME680 Linux driver. This driver is a wrapper around the driver library provided by Bosch. During the time when this was in development, a separate driver was created and subsequently accepted into the mainline Linux kernel. We haven’t made a firm decision on which driver we’re going to go forward with.

You can see a lot of the driver code in support of the mangOH Yellow under the linux_kernel_modules folder in the mangOH repository, but some of these drivers are only at the point that they compile and haven’t been tested on the mangOH yellow hardware yet.


Does support for the Yellow means support for the Red as well? And do you have a list or BOM of the sensors on the Yellow? Do you have an outlook when what is going to be supported for which development board and module?


At this time, it’s looking like the bme680 will be on the mangOH yellow. The bme680 will not be on the mangOH Red. Could you put the bme680 on an IoT card and then plug that IoT card into a mangOH Red? Sure, I don’t see why not. If there’s a specific configuration that you’re considering, let me know and I might be able to provide some additional guidance.


That is to bad, when is the official release of the Yellow planned? We could place the BME680 on an IoT card, but the question is what that would require in time and costs. You will need hands to do this as well. But we have some contacts which could help in this regard.

Our aim is assess the functionality of the Yellow to decide what is useful for our clients and their use-cases beforehand. We have an idea, but we have to share the possibilities with them to see if they come up with new application and cases we did not think off. When the Yellow board is available we will be prepared and ready.


Official release is planned for June 5th 2019. At this time, that date is not changeable.
Please send me a private message with description of what you are trying to do.