Build WP7700 FAILS with all matched tools and sources


Fresh install, sync & clean fails make_red_wp77xx:

  • 18.06.1 couldn’t find file ‘io.api’
  • 18.06.3 couldn’t find file ‘io.api’
  • 18.07.0 test.c: No such file or directory
  • 18.08.0 test.c: No such file or directory
  • 18.09.0 test.c & fa_test.c: No such file or directory
  • 18.10.2 test.c & fa_test.c: No such file or directory
  • 18.10.3 builds to completion - but intermittent Modem Fault

All firmware, source and tools from:

Release 9.1 Components

WP77xx Firmware Release 9.1 combined image

There appears to be a mismatch with the latest mangOH sources and the listed sources and tools for this release.



The latest mangoh release follows the latest Legato release.
If you want to use the latest mango, you may need to use the latest Legato.

cd ~
mkdir legato_framework
cd legato_framework
repo init -u git:// -m default.xml
repo sync

or if you want to use a specific repo, replace with:
repo init -u git:// -m legato/releases/18.03.0/legato.xml

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Thanks Shane.
I’ve learned two things today, 1) you have to use the latest since mangOH is always the updated/latest. and 2) there is an instability (Ryan Kirk) in the current WP77XX platform that renders all my gyrations moot.



I have been using the WP7700 for a while now. I am getting my best stability using stock everything with no Mangoh apps. In my application I am not utilizing any of the Mangoh sensors, so it isn’t an issue for me.

That may not help you at all though!



My primary objective is to exercise this platform with a slew of sensors - far more than the initial built in variety. Out of curiosity, what’s the application for a mangOH w/o any sensors?

…as always appreciate your input.



We already have a network of sensors that communicate over a lower power mesh network. The Mangoh is operating as an IoT gateway.

I would ultimately like to use the WP7700 directly in some of our products. My experience with it has been off-putting so far, but the more I learn the better it gets.



Hmmmm… I’m just dipping my toes into these waters. A bit choppy like many - but we’ll see how it goes once I get under sail.



Hi, I am working with the wp7702 but maybe it helps.

I agree, I did the same. Another option is to setup a second profile, say for example wp77dev and to select it using leaf select. This way you can switch back to the stable one any time.

@mpetersen Indeed. I had to install swi.wp77_1.7.10 from the CLI as this was not available from Developer Studio either. I am working with the wp7702 and not the wp7700 but maybe this helps you move forward.

@shib I agree. I think is difficult to say how much we have to learn, as every one of us has different knowledge and experience. However so far I have to say that reading the forums, testing assumptions, googling and reseting the mangOH a few times I have learnt a lot and also moved forward.

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