Box Case for MangOHRed


We are thinking of releasing the following enclosure for mangoh red. We worked with our partner (oneoakdesign) to create this one and look forward to feedback before we release it for molding

We might create one or two more different enclosures but will most probably release this in the market first if the feedback is +ve.


Thanks Asyal!

The enclosure looks great. Any indication about availability/planning?

Not an enclosure expert but a few questions:

  • will it be possible to mask the SMA holes if not used? What if an application does not use diversity antenna and/or GPS antenna, or for example uses internal cellular antenna?
  • will it be possible to use internal GPS antenna with such a design (probably yes if no CF3 nor rasperry is used)?
  • will it be possible to use an internal battery?
  • how could the mangOH be connected to 12V (or 24V) as main power? In this case will the enclosure accommodate this use-case?

Anyway great to have such an enclosure available, use-cases and feedback will come with time.

Don’t know whether it can also be released as file for 3D printing, this might also be a good option.



Hi Gilles,

Availability is early April. I will answer your questions below:
a. Yes, SMA holes will remain covered as there is a tab by default there.
b. Yes, you can install an internal GPS antenna
c. Yes, there is space for a 4700mah 18650 Li-Ion battery inside the enclosure.
d. Can you provide more details? Where is this power supply coming from? Please provide more info.
e. We will evaluate whether we release it for 3D printing. Currently, we want to make sure we are able to gather as much feedback before sending it out for molding.



Thanks for your prompt answer Ashish, sounds all good!
What I mean by external power supply is for example industrial or Utility environment where 12V or 24V power is available and wondering how to connect to the mangOH red. (mini) USB would probably not be a viable solution. Would there be any other connector/pins on the mangOH Red which can be used and in this case would those pins be available through the enclosure?



The max input for mangoh red is 5.5V. You can change the battery charger to a pin to compatible BQ24292i and get input upto 17V. Now if you want more you will need to add an additional circuitry in front of the charger.



OK thanks!
Will there be a hole in the enclosure to connect to the battery pins from the outside (for example to connect such an extra circuitry)?


Not as of today. But let me see what we can do to enable that feature


I’ve published an easy to print housing for the mangOH Red for prototype/DIY projects.
It has room to store additional sensors/parts and is provided as open public hardware including source files which you can use to adapt the design to your needs.


rrrRbert rocks!!!


Awesome…great work!!!


Is this casing available now? If so, where can we get it?


the box has been released for tooling. I am expecting it to be available sometime June.


Hi Ashish
Is the box available now? How can we get it for one of our prototypes?


@Scott can you reply?


Continuing the discussion from Box Case for MangOHRed:

Continuing the discussion from Box Case for MangOHRed:

Ashish, Scott
Waiting for your response? Is the box available?



Is the box available now?


Hello All,

when will the Box for MangohRED be available?


Box will be on the Digikey during the week of Aug 27th


Hello Asyal

I can´t find the Mango Red box in Digi key



Box were available and went out of stock. We can restock. What is the estimated usage?