Box case for mangOH Green


Hi all,
I am looking for a 3D design of mangOH Green box case. Does anyone share to me?


There was a 3D design for custom ends to go on a standard box


Could you please share it to me? Thanks!


Have you looked on the mangOH Green page?


Yes, I actively search on mostly offical sites before asking this question. On the link you shared, I just can find MangOH Red. No mangOH Green box case.


You find Euro case boxes that fit your need from Hammond:


Go to the ‘Development Resources’ page.

Go to ‘Hardware’

Under ‘3D Printing’, follow the Thingiverse link:


Thanks for your sharing. It’s a useful site. However, I think I need to custom some part to meet my needs.


Thanks for your dedication! I studied this site already. Thanks anyway.