Bootstrap CAN Bus application

Hello everyone,

I’m currently working around a connected card application using the IoT CAN card with my team.
It can be a little tricky so feel free to ask any questions if I can help you :slight_smile:



Hi, I’ve just seen your post. Thanks for providing help.
I have to red can frame with the IoT CAN Card and a mangohRED board. Does you have a simple read example?

I’ve already ask on this post:

Hello Naej,

We have some technical issues with our current mangoh firmware but when everything works I can give you a basic solution that read|send data to the cloud

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What’s the issue? Please provide more info

Here is a topic where we also looking for the same help.

Here is THE point.

Does anyone can provide a simple read/write exemple for the mangOH red wp7607 with CAN board? With all the conf files (*.sdef, *.adef, *.cdef) than I’m pretty sure I missunderstood. And also the script, and the version of the legato firmware it works on. Or something more reliable than pieces of code in a forum not able to handle code quotes?

Getting a little bit off-topic, but…

int main(int argc, char **argv)
     * This is a multi-line code section.  This can be achieved by triple backticks to start and end.

There are also inline code snippets which are created by surrounding the text in single backticks.

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Hi All,
I finally manage to have the CAN bus working. For me the blocking point was the mangOH.sdef file. I had to link kernel modules. Like:


Rebuild the firmware for my board (“make red_wp76xx”).

Uncomment #include "sinc/can_iot_card.sinc" did not works (for me).


It was a firmware update issue. Not from mangoh|legato team but one of a developer I’m working with has not use the right tools describe on sierra website :wink: