Boot sequence of wp8548


How can i get to know the booting sequence of wp8548 module, and boot time of the module.


WP8548 PTS shows information that you need:

Is there something specific you need?


Thank you,
I will go through the document, if i need anything in specific i’ll get back to you.


My mangoh Development kit is taking approximately 30 seconds to finish booting, i want to optimize this booting time by disabling some unwanted components from initializing, how can i do that.


some of that’s inherent to the nature of the linux based module. How do you define booting though?


I didnt understood what you are asking.
Mention some steps to reduce the bootup time.


Hi Kiran,

I dont think there is much you can do to reduce the boot time for the system as this is related to the linux boot process etc.