Board-PC Connection Problem


I am trying to connect, for the first time, my board (with the WP8548 module inserted) to the PC. The Power ON LED in turning on but my pc cannot even detect a new connection so I cannot see any new Sierra modem or port. I checked the first switch of the SW401 and it is on which means that the WP8548 is connected.

Can you provide any help?
Thank you.


If you are plugging your mangOH board into a Windows PC, you may need to install the drivers available here.


Yes it is a windows PC, I installed the drivers and still not working, the PC is not detecting a new connection and when I ping the WP8548 the destination is not reachable.


Please remove the metal cover from the WP module and ensure that you have installed the module in the correct orientation. There should be an arrow on the top of the module and an arrow on the socket. Take a look at page 13 of the user guide PDF for more detail.