BMP280 Temperature


Hello All,

The values read from the chip are a bit high compared to actual ambient. This is understood that there is some storage temperature from the chip and surroudings (also variation can be because of packaging, etc).

However, can this be calibrated or adjusted to the actual ambient? Has anyone did something about it?
Please do share.



It’s always going to be a problem with any temperature sensor mounted on a board with other components. The sensor is bound to be affected by heat conducted, radiated, and convected from other components. The thermal mass of the assembly will also affect the rate of response.

If you have it in an enclosure, that further complicates things.

I don’t think you can really calibrate this out - as it will depend too much on what, exactly, the other components are doing at the time and how your particular system is arranged and deployed.

If you really need accurate ambient measurements, then you need an external sensor.


Thanks Andy for a quick response. I do agree with your points.

Trying to see what alternatives can be there (more of soft approaches), apart from having an external sensor.


We will be spending sometime next quarter on building an algorithm to help with this. The idea would be to provide in software to relate board temp, ambient and power consumption of board.
Of course you will need to calibrate for your own enclosure as well as understand the accuracy impact. Note best case will most likely be off board sensor