bluetoothUtil - sensorTag - WL18XX driver issues



I have two problems on two differents Mangoh Green boards. Both with the bleSensorInterface demo and bluetoothUtil.

On the first one I was able to install the driver for the WL18XX bluetooth module, I started bluetoothUtil without problems. But when I start hcitool scan the board detects all the bt devices around it but not the sensorTag, even if my phone detect the sensorTag. Even if I config the MAC addres for bleSensorInterface manually bleSensorInterface can’t find the sensorTag.

On the second one, when I launch bluetoothUtil it stop working after hciattach /dev/ttyHS texas 115200 flow the output is

Wanted to write 4 bytes, could only write 0. Stop
Can’t initialize device: Success

The device hci0 is listed but can’t do anything.

(I had the same issue with the first board but it disapear after a reboot, unfortunatly rebooting don’t change anything on the second board)

Do you have any idea why ?


May I ask you what type of machine you used to install the driver for WL18XX bluetooth module? I am using Ubuntu16.04.1 with 4 core and 8GB ram VM and “make image_bin” took me almost 2 days. But I encounter issues when trying to start menuconfig. Any help from you will be appreciated. Thanks!

I am following instructions from:


I used, ubuntu 16.04.2 with 4 core and 16gb RAM (installed not vm), it took me 1 hour to compile, I used the same tutorial as you. If you have a thread where I could help you it would be great. I don’t want to mix things here :wink:


thanks for the fast response. I think it could be permission issue and I think I will try it on a real machine as well. Sry to mix up here and here is my post: WiFi/Bluetooth Demo release


Hello ,
I am hoping that you might assist and point me in the correct direction.
The requirement is to scan bluetooth devices .
I want to konw how i can start a hcitool scan
Thanks you