Bluetooth (LE) on MangOH Red


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I have recently started exploring the MangOH red and I have gotten it up and running. Furthermore I have updated the firmware and started and stopped apps. My goal is to measure the current consumption for a future Bluetooth to LTE application. For this I have removed R371 and bridged R382 so I can supply power via the RPi pins, which seems to work well. Now I need to get Bluetooth running. Your marketing video is claiming that this is very easy…
unfortunately the common Bluetooth tools like hcitool don’t seem to be installed on the mangOH red, and the example Bluetooth application, which I have found in the mangoh folder, seems to work only on the mangOH green.

What do you recon is the fastest way to get some Bluetooth broadcasting up and running on the mangoh red?



Support for the onboard bluetooth on mangOH Red is not ready yet. If you need bluetooth in the short term, you can either buy the TI based WiFi/BT IoT card or try to get a USB Bluetooth dongle to work.


Hi dfrey,

I would like to know if bluetooth via MT7697 is now working or I still should use the TI based WiFi/BT IoT card as you proposed ?

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Bluetooth on the mt7697 is not yet working.