Bluetooth (LE) on MangOH Red

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I have recently started exploring the MangOH red and I have gotten it up and running. Furthermore I have updated the firmware and started and stopped apps. My goal is to measure the current consumption for a future Bluetooth to LTE application. For this I have removed R371 and bridged R382 so I can supply power via the RPi pins, which seems to work well. Now I need to get Bluetooth running. Your marketing video is claiming that this is very easy…
unfortunately the common Bluetooth tools like hcitool don’t seem to be installed on the mangOH red, and the example Bluetooth application, which I have found in the mangoh folder, seems to work only on the mangOH green.

What do you recon is the fastest way to get some Bluetooth broadcasting up and running on the mangoh red?


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Support for the onboard bluetooth on mangOH Red is not ready yet. If you need bluetooth in the short term, you can either buy the TI based WiFi/BT IoT card or try to get a USB Bluetooth dongle to work.

Hi dfrey,

I would like to know if bluetooth via MT7697 is now working or I still should use the TI based WiFi/BT IoT card as you proposed ?

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Bluetooth on the mt7697 is not yet working.


Has the situation changed in any way? We’re looking for BLE options on the MangOH Red and it would be great if bluetooth on the mt7697 is now usable.

I think WIFI still does not work with WP85 (maybe release 16?). BLE is not working generally for MT7697. Could someone more knowledgable give us an “official” status update and give use some info what will happen in the near future? It would be really good to know what we can expect.

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Bumping your post, Im also interested in when this feature will be enabled.

I try to use wifi and BLE is next to check with MT7697.

I use WP7502 with MangOH SDK but I find wifi is off by default:

root@testUser:/home/mangOH# cat targets/mdm9x15.sinc
// Definitions specific to Sierra Wireless modules that are based on the Qualcomm MDM9x15 chipset
// family.
// Copyright ©, Sierra Wireless Inc.

#include mdm9xxx.sinc

* The battery service can’t be enabled on 9x15 until the power supply kernel fix lands in an
* official release.

 * mt7697 wifi can't be supported on the 9x15 based modules until the mac80211 and cfg80211
 * change lands in an official release.

 * The 9x15 kernel doesn't include IIO (Industrial IO) support

 * I2C bus containing the battery charger and battery gauge


I even try to set it 1 but still wifi SSID can not be found on mobile

Any hint ?

Hey all,

To my knowledge, there is still a decent amount of work to be done to support the onboard MT7697. This is a tricky task since it requires three things:

  1. Custom firmware flashed to the MT7697 is required since it ships without firmware. MangOH manufacturing may have flashed something to the MT7697, but it will likely need an update to support Bluetooth. This is more challenging when the firmware update needs to be performed remotely. In that case, the MangOH/WP is responsible for putting the MT7697 in “firmware flashing mode”. I did a little research on this and had some luck with an open source flashing tool written in Python by MTK (, however I was using a development board ( and not a MangOH.

  2. The custom firmware for the MT7697 to make Bluetooth work. The implementation of the custom firmware for WiFi functionality can be found here ( to get an idea of what the Bluetooth firmware may look like. This is what will need to be built and flashed to the MT7697.

  3. The Linux driver itself to communicate with the MT7697 (over UART or SPI). To my knowledge, this is a pretty nuanced task in terms of delivering a nice experience to developers.

Hope that’s helpful, let me know if you have any further questions.


Hey @jalindar,

Looks like you’re using a WP module with an older chipset ( To my knowledge, there is a firmware update to be released by Sierra which is required for wifi support on these chipsets (release 16 as mentioned by @tomalex). If you need wifi right away, you could always consider using one of the newer WP modules. In terms of Bluetooth, we don’t have drivers or firmware yet, but hopefully good progress is being made!


Hi nick,

I would like to know if bluetooth development is still in progress and if there is a release date or if it’s still too early ?

Thank you.

Hey @nkau_tha,

We’re still working on it (very early stage). It would also likely use a proprietary format outside of BlueZ due to constraints around the MTK7697.

Any good news on MTK7697?

Hey all,

I still have not really begun my own implementation of an MTK7697 Bluetooth driver, but I may be able to ramp up this project a little bit more in the new year. Really depends what features must be prioritized at work.

In terms of progress within Sierra, I’m not sure.

If anyone is interested in trying to implement a driver, let me know and I can provide all the details that I have. If Bluetooth is a feature that you require quickly, it’s probably best to select a different Bluetooth chip or even a different board like the mangOH yellow (not sure what stock is like on those).

So when might we see Bluetooth working on the mangOH Red with a WP7700? Also, will it act as host, peripheral, or both?

Bump. Bluetooth support coming any time soon? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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