Bluetooth Connection to Iphone/Android App to transfer data


Hi David,
I am hoping that you might assist and point me in the correct direction.
The requirement is to send data (binary or JSON) over a link to an iphone/android phone app.

What would you suggest would be the best way to achieve this on Legato Mangoh platform?

The BLE Sensor application uses a precompiled gatttool to connect to a TI SensorTag device.

In my clients particular usecase the mangoh board needs to appear as a device,should gattool on Mangoh still be used to establish the connection?

Any advice would be most appreciated,


Hi Jason,

I believe gatttool is only used for a master to connect to a device. I am not sure what would be require in order to make the mangOH appear as a device as it is not something that I have looked into yet.

I did a search and I found a github repository that demonstrates using a Linux computer as an iBeacon BLE device, so you might find that this is helpful to get started.