Bluetooth advertisements: different between BluetoothSensorTag and hcitool

We’re scanning for BLE devices using a modified BluetoothSensorTag app and also using hcitool. The two give different results. We see all of the devices with hcitool. With our simplified BluetoothSensorTag app, we see some devices, but not all. (We are not trying to treat these as sensor tags or to pair to them yet. We are only trying to discover them from their advertising data). We haven’t been able to identify any settings or configuration in the BluetoothSensorTag example that would cause this difference.
Any ideas?

Have you tried running bluetoothctl and then typing power on and then scan on? How do those scan results compare?

bluetoothctl does not show them.
These are BLE devices.
hcitool lescan shows them
hcitool scan does not show them
Is is possible to get the ‘lescan’ behavior in the BluetoothSensorTag app?