BatteryChargerReading - Can't run application - Need MakeFile



I was looking to run the BatteryChargerReading but there is no Makefile and as such I’m not sure how to go about compiling and installing this application. I would like to run it to get an idea how this app works. I’m hoping to be able to sample data from a different I2C device (the Raspberry Pi weather board) and post the data using “LE_DEBUG”. I’m unclear if the BatteryChargerReading app is run as a once off or run periodically. Coming from the world of microcontrollers and having an infinite loop as well as interrupts available I’m not 100% how I would do this in Legato. Is there away to wait for an interrupt on a GPIO pin or can I only use a timer handler like in the heartbeat application.

Regarding writing my own application. Where would I information on how to write my own Makefile. Since I’m writing my own application I would need a Makefile to compile it so I could then load it to the MangOH.



I was incorrect in looking for a make file, what is needed is the mkapp command. This will build the app and create an update file. This file is then loaded to the WP85 using the update command.