Battery management get charging more then 1000 mah

i’m on Mangoh Yellow i was connected how many batteries and with all of them i get only charging to 1000 mah.
in last battery it’s 4000 mah, but i get only around 57% and 1000mah.
the charging is stopped.
how i can get solved this problem?



You can add your own battery. Please look at the code here:


static struct bq27426_platform_data mangoh_yellow_battery_gauge_platform_data = {
	.energy_full_design_uwh = 4800000,
	.charge_full_design_uah = 1200000,
	.voltage_min_design_uv =  3300000,

modify the code to meet your battery requirements., rebuild and deploy on your unit.

thanks @asyal
do i need to rebuild all kernel layer?

yester day i saw this app

 * Configures the battery settings.
FUNCTION SetTechnology
    string        type [128]   IN,    ///< "LiPo" or "LiIon"
    uint32        maH          IN,    ///< Specify battery current rating as listed by manufacturer
    uint32        voltage      IN     ///< Specify battery voltage as listed by manufacturer

i can change this parameters here?

You need to change in the file I referred to in the post above.

That SetTechnology function was built for mangOH Red, which couldn’t auto-detect the battery technology. Yellow has a more advanced charger on-board, so it doesn’t implement the SetTechnology function.

Please can You direct me with step-by-step sequence what to do.
Thank You very much!