Battery info missing in action?


I have a MangOH yellow reporting this

  "V": 0,
  "charging": false,
  "degC": 0,
  "health": "disconnected",
  "mA": 0,
  "mAh": 0,
  "percent": 0

It is actually running from the battery now so it looks like the software isn’t able to read the battery info accurately - the only correct fact there is ‘charging false’ which I imagine is the default.

The fimware is 3.0.0-pre23April2020-mangOH-0. I have had this running continuously for several days to try an establish how stable the edge action was (so far, not very stable, some data is missing and sometimes certain devices can’t be read…)

Are there any suggestions for diagnosing this or improving reliability? Can we reset the device OTA?