Battery Design for MangOH Yellow


I just read through all the documentation for the Mangoh Yellow and ordered a pair of Adafruit 3.7V Li-Poly batteries as suggested, for my pair of Mangoh yellow boards. But one of the batteries when it arrived is sitting at about 4.0 V (unloaded) and this per my research is causing the MangOH board to go into continuous reset because of the voltage monitor I see in the schematics and User guide. I see that there is a voltage divider in the circuit that the monitor is looking at, but the diagram isn’t complete to me. I would like to understand the logic of the chip U1003 so either a more appropriate battery can be sourced or what the design constraint on why we are artifically lowering the capacity of the maximum state of charge.

If the nominal voltage of the battery is 3.7 volts and the battery I have has a charging cut-off of 4.2 volts(ie fully charged), then I’d like to understand what the maximum voltage I can put into the battery connector without the board going into reset.

(FYI this same battery powers a MangohRED just fine)