Avoid sync and the utilization of Octave by implementing another communication protocol

Hi, I am new with the mangOH Yellow and I would like to know how can I bypass the utilization of Octave as I want to implement another communication protocol with the mangOH and my server.
I have removed my device from the Octave website, is it enough?

Furthermore, how can I implement MQTT and LwM2M protocol communication with the mangOH Yellow?

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You can download the fw without octave

For mqtt, you can try this sample app

Thank you very much for your reactivity @jyijyi

You know how to implement LwM2M protocol?

I saw Leshan and Wakaama with Eclipse is it a good start point?

You can see here

I don’t understand how it works to run the mqtt client on my device, they said to build it with an mqtt sample app. What does it mean?

For example if I have a broker on a specific address and I want that my device send data to it, where should I develop?

You need to develop in vscode

Sorry but I don’t mean with which software should I develop.

I have installed the mqttSubscriber and the mqttPublisher and I want to publish data to my MQTT Broker with DataHub.

You might see here

Thank you for your reply jyijyi but when I update this on my device and I start the apps as described on the GitHub, I don’t see he periodic messages from publisher and subscriber on the logread

Does it connect to mqtt server?

I created the mqtt broker by typing on my workspace
“systemctl start mosquitto”

Then does it connect to mqtt server?

Where could I find this information? In the log file I don’t see any keyword that match with a connection

You can check the mqtt server

Indeed, I checked the log of the mosquitto server and I see messages send on the topic “$IMEI/messages/json” and I was listening the wrong topic.

thank you!

Hi @johnbregue did you understand how to use mqtt protocol? I’m approaching to it in these days and I would be very happy to be able to understand with someone on how to do it

Hi @gavinoimparato1 yes I could help you

@johnbregue Oh thank you. I finally understand lots of things on this protocol. I am implementing a SW using the app in the Legato PlatformServices folder. I’m having problems of socket errors, so I can’t connect to mosquitto broker. Did you ever see this error? I cannot understand what the causes may be. I am really very grateful to you if you help me.

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I can ping so it is not a connection error. I installed mosquitto server on my VM with the command line ctrl sudo snap install mosquitto and I can publish and subscribe a message in local host (opening two terminals)

On the other side, if I put in the code the AirVantage broker adress, I see:

So I don’t think I got anything wrong in the code, but at the same time I can’t even say why it doesn’t work :frowning: