Available Voltages



Had a quick question/observation. The MangOH uses 1.8V on all its GPIO and communication pins but, the breakout boards really only makes 3.3V available. While pin #11 does provide 1.8V it’s labeled as a reference voltage. It would be nice if the MangOH used the commonly found 3.3V, provided onboard level shifters or if more 1.8V breakout was available.

This is just my thought on making the board easier to use with other products and boards.




I’ve developed a level shifting breakout board that level shifts the following IoT interfaces:

  • GPIO
  • SPI
  • I2C
  • UART

The output side will run off anywhere between 2V8 and 5V0 - and you can either run the output from the internal 3V3 or 5V0 on the mangOH board, or from your own supply from the external connector.

All the interfaces are brought out to a 20Way 0.1" pitch header so that it’s easy to patch to external sensor boards.

Available now from Linkwave in the UK: http://linkwave.co.uk/iot-connector-i2c-spi-gpio-uart

ciao, Dave

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That’s great Dave.

did you release any sample code for each interface connected to a sensor? That would be great for people to get going with this board…



Your board is 1/3 the cost of the whole starter kit or half the price of just the MangOH Green board… While I like what you have done that is a lot of money for a level shifting board.