Audio Playback with mangOH Green WP76xx


Dear all,

We build an app, you will find source and compiled version for WP67xx in attachment

We tested this app for Mangoh Red and seems work, but on Mango Green it not work, when we start it we see the MCLK (SYSTEM_CLK) at 19.2MHz, the BCLK (1.4MHz) and the LRCLK (48KHz).

We check it clocks on CN601 and on IOT#1, switching from Expander#3 GPO10, andh cheking that clocks disappear on IOT#1 but remain on CN601 as expected (detail on gpio settings on gpioexpander.txt).

In all case, we don’t see any data on PCM_IN/PCM_OUT (we check with oscilloscope).

We suspect that in the branch for WP76xx there is a different setting for qdsp6v2 (see dmesg.txt).

We would like to check as first step if audio work on mangoh green with WP76xx, then on our board, is possible for you to check that our app work on mangoh green with WP67xx?

File commands.txt contain command that we use for execute playback.



Anyone can help me with the audio issue on mangOH Green and WP76xx?

We are locked on this, please help!!