Audio Codec: driver implementation


On mangOH board, WM8944 is used as audio codec to playback audio via PCM data. Here I have some questions:

  1. since WM8944 is configured using I2C interface, there must be a driver thing to configure clock rate, sample resolution, data format etc inside the codec. Where can I find the driver code in Legato framework to make le_audio_PlayFile() work?

  2. if such driver thing exists and our HW design needs a different codec chip, how can I modify/redo the driver under Legato framework?



  1. WM8944 codec in built into the kernel and is configured at the kernel level.
  2. At this moment, you can rebuild Yocto to add driver support for the different codec chip.



I am not familiar with Yacto. Do you have guideline or instruction on how to rebuild the kernel?




Hi Hui,
the post below shows you how we built in tree BT module on Yocto:

We plan to release another Wiki page on building drivers out of tree as well.



Hi Asyal

Thanks for help!