AT Command Interface over RPi header w/ MangOh Red and HL7692

Hi guys,

I want to control the HL7692 modem on the MangOh Red with an external microcontroller via the UART pins on the Raspberry Pi header. I can find plenty of examples of this with other HL series modems, they issue an AT command ( AT!MAPUART) to remap the internal UART from the CF3 USB to the pins on the header. This AT command does not appear to be compatible with the HL7692.

At the moment I’m using slsnif running on a Linux PC to act as a passthrough for the microcontroller (with a USB to UART adapter) and the CF3 USB on MangOh Red. This works fine for AT Commands, however PPP data seems to become corrupted, which is why direct UART access would be preferable.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

Russell Bateman