assetData, exchange data problem



I’m testing the assetData example as I need to send commands to my mangoh red system running legato 17.11 on the wp8548.

I follow this tutorial and request data works (but there is a typo) se below:

Supposed to be “assetData.home1.room1.AC.IsACOn”
“apply setting” works fine but “send command” has a small bug:

It sends the command to the mangoh and the asset data is found but the airvantage page reads “in progress” and blocks new commands etc. until it is aborted manually.

Now I try to implement this in my own app with two processes running but I get:
“Server attempts to execute a command but the asset data doesn’t exist”.
Do I replace assetData with the name of my app or my process or do they have to be the same?


Got “apply settings” working on my device. It’s the app name that replaces assetData.

But can settings be sent from airvantage web site or do I have to use rest api with legato 17.11?


Hang on. Can’t get “apply settings” in assetData to work.

On startup I get this error:

“Asset (/assetData/home1/room1/thermostat/targetTemp) does not have write permission for client access.”

And if I print the TargetTempSet it is always zero and not the value I push with the REST API.

Edit: Got my application working using le_avdata_GetString instead.