ArduinoBridge with Arduino example : dataRouter : Session not found



I have a problem with the ArduinoBridge app and the Arduino example that is provided with it. I successfully installed the app and runned the sample, I can read all the sensors values in the serial output of the Arduino IDE but when I try to push the data to AirVantage I get this error in the logread :

Apr 5 14:30:53 swi-mdm9x15 user.err Legato: =ERR= | dataRouter[4923]/routerComponent T=main | router.c dataRouter_WriteBoolean() 406 | Session not found for app(arduinoBridge)/pid(7316)/session(0x28afc). Call SessionStart() to create a session.

I can’t figure why, can anybody help?

Edit: I suppose that SessionStart() should be called in the ArduinoBridge app at some point to make the connection but it doesn’t seem to be called at all.