Arduino Tutorial AirVantage Setup Not Working


Page 19 of the PDF “4119370_mangOH Green Tutorial - Arduino to AirVantage_r1” explains how to setup AirVantage to receive data from this demo…

Unfortunately no luck…

After doing what I’m told, use a zip of the specifies file (or even non zipped version)

I have even deleted all apps I could find… still no luck. I have tried searching for this app also no luck…

Is there a way I can maybe set this up to hopefully have a working system when I receive a compatible SIM card?



This issue can be fixed by opening the .app file and changing:

type="mangoh testing"
name="mangOH testing"


type="mangoh testing"
name="Some other name mangOH testing"

Thank you @asyal for supplying the answer, hopefully others will find this answer helpful.



Basically, you need to change the name of the app and the revision # when you upload the app model.