Arduino to cloud via mqtt, without an AirVantage acount


I am using the mangOH green with dev Studios on Windows and arduino platform.
Applications needed (ArduinoBridge, datarouter, mqttClient etc) are well installed on my WP85 module.

I want to send data from sensors grove to an specific platform (my company’s platform). I do not want to use an Airvantage account but it seems like the swibridge library used for the arduino tutorial is only for Airvantage services.
Please, Is there any mqttClient i can use in my arduino program to push sensors data to my platform via mqtt ?

How can I use the mqttClient application running on my module from my arduino program ?

Thank you in advance…


Hi @mima. I am also looking for similar type of solution. Did you find a way to send data from the mangOH devices to any specific platform.

@asyal can you help me with this? I just want to know is there any way to integrate a different cloud platform instead of AirVantage. We are planning to use mangoh devices in our project but we don’t want the dependency of AirVantage.

Looking forward to your reply.

Thanks in advance.


The “AirVantage” component of the bridge library is very AirVantage specific. Unfortunately, even the master branch of MqttClient is AirVantage specific. There is another branch of the MqttClient (don’t remember the name right now) which is more suitable for general purpose MQTT usage. That still leaves the question of how to pass data between arduino and the WP module. The bridge has various other modules (that I haven’t really used or looked at in detail) that might provide a way to connect to a Legato app which acts as a proxy to the MqttClient.


Hi @dfrey.
Thank you for your prompt reply.
From the reply it is yet not clear whether we would be in position to send the data from mangOH device to any other cloud platform instead of AirVantage.



To be clear, the use_paho_linux version of MqttClient can be used to push data to any MQTT broker. It’s still a bit of a work in progress though. Specifically, TLS is not yet supported.


Hi Sanjay,
Here is an MQTT app to push data from a mangoh red to google iot cloud.

you can use this to build your app that sends data to a different cloud if you wish to do so.I havent rebuilt the app.

So to answer your question, yes, you can use a different cloud.



Hi Ashish,

Thank you very much for all your inputs.
I will try to build an application by using the MQTT app that you have mentioned.

I will update you my progress on the same.