Application processor datasheet


Hi All,

We had WP7608 on mangoH Red, I would like to know more about the application processor. Could some one point me where can I get the data sheet.



try here


@asyal: I had a look there. Unfortunately, I don’t find the exact document that I am looking for the datasheet/user manual of the arm7 application processor of the wp7608.


It’s a cortex A7. The chipset is a mdm9x07. What exactly do you need?
We can’t release the exact doc due to licensing.


@asyal: we have to identify the gpio numbers to control from linux which requires gpio mapping of the chip pin signals and also would like to know the pin muxing functionality of each pin for our custom designed board based on mdm9x07 .


The GPIO numbering situation is… “interesting”… on these modules. The GPIO number if you’re in user space is the same as the name of the PIN in the schematic. This is because Sierra Wireless uses a translation table to translate from user GPIO numbers to “real” GPIO numbers. However, if you’re in the kernel, and you need the “real” GPIO number, you need to manually do the translation, which you can pull out of the table in drivers/gpio/gpiolib-sysfs.c: