App automatically starts


I have developed a simple app that can send sms texts from Mangoh red to my cell number, and I still have the wp7702 plugged in the usb on my laptop, I just left my laptop on Sleep mode in the night.

I’m pretty sure I have manually stopped the app, but the app somehow automatically starts in the night, and I did receive sms message from the device on my cell phone. It happened twice already, any ideas?


Probably there is module reset, have you captured the uart console overnight???

No I haven’t. How can I capture it?

Use a tera term to capture uart2 console, provided that you have set uart2 as debug console in at!mapuart

is at!mapuart AT command? I got ERROR:

Please see AT command guide.
You missed the question mark.

it worked this time:

but I’m not sure what should I do from here, what is 17, 16 telling me?

please read the AT command user guide, 17 means data mode, 16 means console mode