Any more MangOH Reds available?


Hey guys,

It looks like DigiKey is out of stock of the MangOH reds, we have 3 MangOH units that get very hot when we connect power to them and 2 units that are fine (but now deployed on boats for testing).

We had done one modification to each of the MangOHs where we had removed R371 and placed a 0ohm resistor at R382. We haven’t appeared to have any problems with that modification - we had done this several months ago on all of the units. However, over the past couple of weeks we have found 3 of our 5 units drop off and they now each read 1.7V on the 3.3V RPI lines and get extremely hot as soon as power is connected.

Anyways, does anyone know where there’s still stock of MangOH red units?


Hi Brandon,

I will find out and get back to you.

  • Any update on the MangOH Red overheating and the ETA for the fix?

  • What is the fix for overheating and loss connections?

  • Does this cause a drop in cellular and wifi/BT?

  • Has MangOH attempted to configure cellular over USB to a Beagle Bone Black for the MangOH Red using connman?



We are not aware of any power issues on Red. I will let @coastalbrandon comment on what might have gone wrong on their board. Might most probably be some development tweak that they were doing.

Make sure that when you power your system USB power is able to support cellular + wifi.


@tlsmith3777 - the overheating was very likely due to our own development, we have removed parts from the MangOH and created our own development daughter board that doesn’t fit in the Amphenol connector just right. I would ignore my previous post, it wasn’t really relevant to the lack of MangOHs… Just elaborated on why we want to buy more.


Sounds fine and thanks!