Alternate UART Port


Is it possible to communicate on separate UART (apart from given RS232 on ATMEGA) port by using some pin configurations ?

Use case : We already have a separate board [BoardX] connected to MangoH via UART due to which all the debug data is also going to that board . This will not happen if we connect BoardX via a separate UART on MangoH . We will be able to send only useful data to BoardX if it gets connected via separate UART.

Thanks in advance



I use a USB FDTI cable connected on the USB Host port.
When you plug the cable, you can see the device attached to /dev/ttyUSB0.

You can use it as a serial port.



Hi @Francis.duhaut,

I connected the USB FTDI cable as shown in the picture below:

but /dev/ttyUSB0 is not getting created. Do I need to configure something/make some switch configuration?



Hello Yogesh

I use a WP8548 firmware R14 on Mangoh RED and it’s ok for me.
The supported FDTI chip is FT232.

When you plug it on the USB host, on the usb console (not on the usb ethernet) you can see this message :

If you use a WP76/Wp77, you must to add the FDTI driver and rebuild the yocto linux.



Thanks @Francis.duhaut,

I will try that. Do you receive boot-up log on /dev/ttyUSB0 ?



No it’s a serial port for your apps. Not a console.