AirVantage vs. HawkBit

Is it possible to use a own HawkBit server instead of using the AirVantage service from sierra to do the software update over the air ? We have our own IoT infratstructure and we don’t want to make use of the the sierra cloud stuff.

Sierra provides sim and device management through AV. Could you send me a bit more info on the what you are trying to do? Module, use case etc…

Hi @ABCBurns,

I poked around the HawkBit website and github a bit and haven’t been able to find a good description of the interface between their backend and the IoT device. Do you have any information on that? It seems likely that you would have to write some sort of custom client that makes use of the Legato update daemon’s APIs

Hi @dfrey,

thank you for the information. That’s the information which I needed. I don’t have expierences with the legato frame work till now and I didn’t know that there is a update API which we can use directly by our own. With the help of the update API it must be possible to write some glue code that operates as an interface between the “legato update API” and the hawkBit DDI API.

The open source update client RAUC-hawkbit does it in the same way for RAUC based update mechanisms.

Some additional question: Is the update mechanism on the target bullet proof ? What happens if the update failed ? Is some kind of fallback feature implemented ?

Thanks for linking to the DDI API documentation. Based on that, I think it would be possible to write a Legato application using libcurl (basic Legato libcurl sample app) to interact with the hawkbit REST API and then use Legato’s update API to apply the update.

The Legato update services do take care of rollback. You can read some more about the update process here: